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Dazzling Delancey – An Inspiring Community Effort

January 14, 2013

I’m delighted to report that the digital upgrade of the Delancey Street Screening Room was completed before the end of 2012 with fabulous results.  This project grew into an inspiring community effort, with the Foundation’s resourceful supply manager and knowledgable theater crew working hand in hand with cutting edge manufacturers and dedicated film professionals.


Individual donors —  many of whom tweaked their personal budgets to find money to contribute — covered the cost of installation, including an additional projection booth window.  Station KRON provided the cables, renowned local cinematographer Mike Maley helped the Delancey team with the electrical work and Moving Imagine Technology came up from LA to supervise the equipment testing and training.  With full certification in place, everyone at Delancey’s San Francisco Headquarters is excited to be starting the new year in style.


I received a personal tour and demo of the revamped facility and was extremely impressed.  The viewing experience — made possible by NEC, Doremi Labs, and RealD — is positively dazzling.  The new screen provides a cleaner image, even for 35MM prints.  And QSC’s enhanced audio system sends sound towards the audience as well as from the sides.


Our work isn’t done quite yet.  To cover the cost of the projector, $10,000 had to be spent from the Foundation’s general fund.  Since this is money that could go towards tires for the moving vans, fresh fish for the restaurant and suits for the graduates starting their job search, tax deductible donations for the Screening Room Project are still being accepted.  If you’d like to play an active role in this successful undertaking by making a contribution (big or small), you can reach the Network for Good secure server through Delancey’s homepage.  Just be sure to write “Screening Room Project” in the “Behalf” box.


It’s thrilling to have this precious Bay Area resource relaunch better than ever.  In addition to the digital movie equipment, the space includes a small stage for presentations and a glass enclosed lobby with a wet bar perfect for receptions.  If you’d like to schedule an event, please contact Rebecca Jackson at 415-512-5153.  I look forward to hearing from you after you’ve had the opportunity to see the revitalized venue for yourself.

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