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With her years of experience on a television director’s team and later as a business leader overseeing software development and communication projects, Cathy Hammer brings a unique perspective to her blog about home entertainment.  She has developed back-end software to run game shows, served on the executive team of one of the first interactive ad agencies to incorporate the web into traditional marketing, and helped lead promotional efforts for an early set-top box capable of conducting scientifically accurate consumer surveys.

Cathy maintains a strong connection to the entertainment industry through her membership in the Directors Guild of America and her relationship with the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.   She is also an enthusiastic podcaster who has mentored non-professionals who want to try their hand at video and audio projects.  She started this blog in order to connect with like-minded hard-working souls.  If you are part of a company that is looking to expand the range and quality of broadcast content, please contact her about helping to move your agenda forward.

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